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This page features a collection of quality designer products customised with the original designs created by Ima von Wenden, an artist living in the ancient village of East Ilsley, in West Berkshire, England.

Ima has exhibited and sold paintings and other works of art in the museums and galleries across the UK, USA, and Russia. One of such paintings found its home in a permanent collection of a museum in LA, USA.

Scoloti is Ima's new daring creative endeavour and a new commercial challenge.

Please note that presently Scoloti has no physical stores, all our products are customised, stored and shipped from elsewhere - London, Eastern Europe or the USA. Should this situation change, we will notify all our subscribers.

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I have always known about my diverse European roots, but only recently discovered my Scythian ancestry, which prompted my interest in this ancient culture. I was astonished to uncover the colossal wealth of the unique stylish designs, as appealing today as 2,000 years ago. I believe there’s a lot to explore in the cultural heritage of the Scythians, whose self-name, according to Herodotus, was ‘SCOLOTI’.

I've set out to develop a new brand of clothing, based on their timeless and tasteful creations, which prove that, while fashions change, our sense of style is eternal.

In the meantime, I am also trying to raise the funds by selling here my other designs, inspired by the world around me.

I hope you may find them amusing and will buy some of my products, helping me to get closer to my dream of launching a modern stylish line of European and Asian ethnic clothing, based on the cultural heritage of Scoloti.

We hope you'll enjoy your shopping at Scoloti and will find interesting and stylish items to buy for yourselves or as memorable and original presents to others.

Thank you for your visit and interest!

Ima von Wenden

More abourt Ima: www.vonwenden.com